5 Unbeatable Advantages of Hiring Washington DC Group Bus Transportation

Are you planning to see the Washington DC Metro Area and its surrounding states with family members and friends?Group travelling isn’t the best thing to manage, but then there is nothing like it if it’s done right. Hiring Washington DC group bus transportation can help you keep everyone together and have a spectacular time during the trip. Since bus transportation can accommodate as many as 55 passengers, you don’t have to limit your group and decide who to take along and who to drop. Now you can charter a bus and plan afantastic trip to Washington DC with your favorite family friends, family members, colleagues, and church members. Group tours are great to see landmarks, attend conventions, local events and roadways with people you know and like. Hiring DC group bus transportation for your upcoming family tour to Washington has the following unbeatable advantages:

Avoid the Hassles of Taking Separate Cars

Most families like to travel in the comfort of their own car on a road trip, but when they are part of a larger group and tailing other cars, it gets harder to keep up with everyone else and not get left behind accidently. Thus, the use of separate cars means unnecessary coordination stress for all in general and the group leader in particular. However, opting for a bus rentalmeans that everyone in the group travels together in one vehicle and is able to enjoy the commute as much as the designation sites.

Concentrate On the Scene Instead of the Road

Driving on a roadtrip negates the very purpose of the road trip that is, if you are concentrating too hard on the road and keeping up with other cars in the group, then you are bound to lose on great sights and attractions of Washington DC such as the awe inspiring sites of the National Mall and unique and classy architecture of buildings in Washington DC.On the other hand, if you are traveling in Washington DC group bus transportation, you can let a professional driver take care of the driving hassles and sit back and relax with the rest of the gang. You can also rely on the driver to know great tourist attractions in Washington DC and the best routes to reach them.

Cover Morein Lesser Time

If you are a first time traveler to the Washington DC area and traveling on your own, it is likely that you will take more time in trying to figure out which places to visit and how to reach them. You are also prone to lose your way and need a few detours.Traveling this way is bound to be time consuming.  But an experienced and professional driver of a reputable DC group bus transportation service would not only know the best sites to visit but also the best way to cover more destinations in lesser time.

Have a Safer Commute

Driving your personal car or SUV in your vicinity is different from driving it in a new city or state. For instance, the roads, lanes, and routes would be unfamiliar for a visitor. However, if you choose Washington DC group bus transportation for your road trip, you are guaranteed to have a smoother and safer commute. Bus drivers of a professional transportation rental company are licensed professionals, along with ample experience of driving commercial heavy vehicle.Furthermore, a bus driver’s safety track record needs to be excellent in order to get hired by any reputable Washington DC group bus rental company, so you can trust yourself to be in good hands when renting a tour bus from it.

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Get Good Deals and Discounts

Travelling in a group is a great way to get tickets at discounted rate, deals and bargains to museums, hotels, fairs, zoo, parks, etc, in the DC area, the perks you would not get if you are traveling solo or with your family only.

A Few Things to Consider

Consider the following things before planning a group excursion to Washington DC and inviting people:

Decide on the Invitees

Besides the obvious advantages and disadvantages of group traveling, everyone has travel preferences, some are ok with traveling with a group in a rental bus, while other prefer solo traveling in public transport or a hired car. You can’t convince each one about the merits of the other option. So it’s better to figure out who is more prone to act like an adventurous aardvark and who is more likely to be a grumpy goose in your travel troupe and choose your travel mates accordingly.

Decide on Spending Budgets

Everyone in the group has a particular budget and spending limits. Not everyone will be thrilled to spend big bucks on a gourmet meal. Likewise, not everyone would love to go to a musical with a pricy ticket. Therefore, decide on places to visit and budget limits in order to avoid confrontations and embarrassing situations on the tour bus.

Whether you are traveling far or close in Washington, DC Charter Bus Rental offers you the best group traveling option. It has a sizable experience in the ground transportation business in Washington DC and its surrounding area. From smaller Sedans, SUVs and Limos to larger shuttle and bus services, DC Charter Bus Rental has a variety of vehicles to suit all travel preferences and budgets. Our rates are competitive and services are a cut above the rest. Our live customer support ensures that you get the best support and facilitation at any hour of the day. Think of us when looking for Washington DC group bus transportation options. Choose DC Charter Bus Rental with full confidence for your next group travel, and your family and friends would be thrilled that you did.

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