Literary Attractions for the Bookworms in Washington DC

Rejoice bookworms, we have gathered for you the best sites to visit in Washington DC where you can smell that addictive fragrance of libraries and new books. If you were thinking we have missed you out, better think twice.

We treasure the literary figures because of several reasons, most important of all is the fact that we Washingtonians are known to be the most “literate” citizens worldwide. The city has named as the Number one literary place is the whole United States as well as spotted under the top 10 bookworms’ destination by the National Geographic Traveler.

Want us to say any more to prove our love for books? We suppose not. But let’s put all the facts aside and ponder over the most amazing places that a legit booklover should visit in DC. Stop wondering where is the right charter bus rental near me and call us up. We are sure to provide you with best charter bus that is going to take you and your book-clubbers to all the awesome bookish places you would like.

Without further ado, let’s check out where you should be heading next to get your favorite author’s book in DC.

Busboys and Poets

Let’s start off our list with something that you can do in the morning. Our perfect definition of heaven is a place that surrounds us with books and pizza, that’s probably why this is our favorite pick. Located at the 14th street in DC, this place welcomes people daily from 8 in the morning, and 9 during weekends. Here you will get the best of literary vibes, on-site smashing bookstore, neighborhood bar, and some yummilicious comforting food. Now, who does not want to begin their mornings with a smell of books, pizza, a nice cup of coffee on a cozy chair?

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Folger Shakespeare LibraryFolger Shakespeare Library

There is something in the name “Shakespeare” that shakes the very core of book-lovers’ heart and make them tremble with joy. How many times have you enjoyed reading Hamlet’s soliloquies and how often do you think Desdemona is one miserable soul? We can imagine the exciting rising in your stomach, therefore, Folger Shakespeare Library is a place you must visit. This place has 1623 Folio! That’s right! First ever edition of all of Shakespeare’s play. It is time to throw away the abridged version and read Othello, Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet in their unedited versions. Also, one of the copies are on display in the Great Hall of the library and the tours are absolutely free.

Library of CongressLibrary of Congress

Bibliographies are another fun thing to read, and if you are an ardent reader, there isn’t any bibliography in the Library of Congress that you wouldn’t enjoy. Remember how DC is known for its historical importance? Well, this library is also founded back in the 1800 and went through a war of 1812 that burnt it down. After the tragic incident, our very own Thomas Jefferson, the voracious reader, donated his collection that had 6,487 books to the library. Now, to this day, the library of Congress comes under world’s largest libraries that own over 158 million books. With so many books in sight, who wouldn’t want to stay here for the rest of their life?

Kramer books & After words Cafe

Don’t think that we are done with best bookstores just yet. If you are done with visiting all of the aforementioned book places and now wondering “I am hungry but I still want to calm my inner nerd” then we have the right place saving at the very last for you. Kramer books & After words Café is a place we would invade if we could, but unfortunately this world isn’t a place to fulfill your wishes. This café is Washington DC’s best complete bar and full-service restaurant that is joined with an independent book store. Excited, yet?

It is located in the Dupont Circle, which is already a famous neighborhood where you can take strolls around places and enjoy several bookstores here and there. The restaurant is unlike any other, it offers weekly happy hour where you can taste several wines and enjoy new food on the menu. But the thing that makes this place all the more special is the combined bookstore that offers innumerable books.

The list does not end here, because Washington DC has several more exciting places where you can tame the book-hunter monster inside of you. If you are a bookworm, plan your next trip to this city, and we promise that you will never ever regret it. If you are on a tight budget and wondering where am I going to find a charter bus rental near me then worry not, because we are here for your rescue. We offer cheap service, fun rides, and above all, we are bookworms just like you.

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