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When most people think about renting transport services, they go with the mainstream options like limousines or corporate cars. The option that almost everyone fails to consider in Austin is a charter bus. People like to travel in smaller vehicles but that option is no longer feasible when they have to go with the closest of their loved ones. Let us take a look why it would be impractical to rent individual cars in the event that you have to travel with 20 people at the same time.

Cars are an Too Expensive to Travel

When you are travelling with many people at the same time, renting individual transportation would cost you a fortune. And that is something you cannot afford to happen especially when you are on a tight budget. In this case, the best solution would be to rent a charter bus from Charter bus Austin. Let us put it to you this way, travelling with 20 people means renting about 5 individual cars. A full sized charter bus is capable of transporting about 30 people at the same time; which means that the per-head costs reduce majorly.

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A Chance to Form Long Lasting Memories in a Charter Bus

Travelling in individual cars means that your gathering is separated from one another. Suppose you are going on a beach trip, you know that half the fun is the journey to the beach. That is what you will be missing out on when you travel in separate cars. With Austin bus tours, you can easily have your friends and loved ones close by. You can play car games on the journey, like charades or 20 questions and make memories that you will tell your kids about years from now.

Choose Safety Over Luxury!

Most people worry that charter buses are not safe but the fact is that they are safer than your average four wheeled vehicles. The reason for that is that most cars out there are designed to keeping their looks in mind. But when charter buses are designed, the manufacturers solely focus on their safety factor. A vehicle as big as a charter bus can safely transport about 30 people to their destinations without a single problem occurring on the road. So you can forget about worrying whether or not your guests will be safe, because with us, they will be transported with great care.

Austin Charter Buses are Eco-Friendly

Our Austin Charter Bus Rentals are capable of replacing about 5-7 cars from the highway at one time which means they also reduce carbon emission. The future is all about the vehicles that can help the environment. And that is what makes our charter buses the best travel option for you and your loved ones. Forget about dingy old cars that emit more carbon than anything and travel in the most eco-friendly option there is; Austin charter bus!

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