A Quick Guide to Understanding Charter Bus Quotes and Types

A Quick Guide to Understanding Charter Bus Quotes and TypesDo you have an upcoming event for which it seems like it would make sense to charter a bus? If you do, then don’t get overwhelmed by the idea. With a number of businesses claiming to be amongst the best charter bus companies and the research work you need to do before you make a decision, chartering a bus can seem like a daunting task, especially to those who don’t have a sufficient experience of doing so.

But you don’t need to worry because this quick guide will give you an insight into the types of buses available for charter and how the companies set their quotes.

Charter Bus Types

best bus companies in dcThere is a wide range of charter bus types available with the best and leading bus companies. Some of these include the following:

The Party Bus

Normally a charter bus is hired for group gatherings and parties. Therefore, the party charter bus is the most commonly rented out by the best bus companies in dc operating in the U.S. This kind of bus can be used for a wide range of occasions, including pre and post wedding parties, wedding day transportation, bridal showers and bachelor nights, anniversaries, retirement parties, birthdays and other such occasions. The party can be custom decorated and comes equipped with important party elements such as disco or neon lights and extreme performing sound systems.

The Tour Bus

For family picnics, school trips and formal tours around the cities, the tour bus is the one asked for by clients. This bus comes with luxurious seating and can easily accommodate mid to large sized groups of people. The comfortable seats allow the travelers to ride for day long journeys in comfort and relaxation.

The Mini Bus

For small groups of people, it doesn’t make sense to travel around in a large bus. For this purpose, the best bus companies have a solution – the mini bus. This type of bus is ideal for clients looking to travel together in small, private groups comprising of close friends and loved ones. The mini bus typically is able to accommodate a group of about 20 to 40 people and is the perfect solution for travelling shorter distances.

The Deluxe Bus

 Charter Bus CompaniesFor large groups traveling for a corporate event for example or going a long distance, the deluxe bus is the best and most economical, safe and luxurious option for traveling. This bus allows you to travel days at a stretch, without getting exhausted or fatigued. It can accommodate up to 60 passengers comfortably.

Charter Bus Quotes

The charter bus quotes depend on a number of factors:


  • The quote depends upon the type of bus you charter of-course. The mini bus is the cheapest out of the above mentioned types and logically the deluxe bus is the most expensive. However, all reputable bus companies contain costs and offer charter bus services at highly competitive prices.
  • The quote depends upon the duration you charter the bus for. Since charges are normally per hour, the longer the duration the more you have to pay. Therefore, while using the services of a charter bus, it is best to manage your schedule smartly.
  • Some companies quote the price depending upon the distance the bus needs to travel since longer distances would wear out the bus more as compared to shorter distance traveling, even if the bus is hired for a longer duration while traveling to a short distance.
  • Some companies quote the price based on the purpose the bus is being used for. Typically there is more activity if the bus is hired for a party and therefore, it results in greater wear and tear of the vehicle as compared to a group of people traveling to and from a corporate meeting.
  • Some companies quote the price based on the amenities requested by the client. The greater customization and requirements, the more the quote.

You are now one step ahead of someone who doesn’t know much about chartering a bus. If you are looking to charter a bus, the DC Charter Bus company is one of the best charter bus companies operating in the U.S., with a wide variety of well-maintained fleet of buses available for charter at highly reasonable and competitive prices.

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