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What’s Sundance Film Festival?

The Sundance Film Festival, first introduced by the Sundance Institute has now become one of the most well known film festivals in America. Starting out small, it has now crossed many boundaries of success, letting new aspiring artists express their stories and emotions through one of the most popular forms of art, film. The filmmakers present either a dramatic or documentary film and compete against each other. Want to visit? Try Limo Rental Dallas.

Where is it held?

This festival takes place annually in the town of Park City, Utah, turning this quiet mining city almost as glamorous as any of Hollywood’s biggest movie premieres. The people of the city wait eagerly for the yearly festival that brings in a number of tourists, coming in from all over the country, bringing tons of excitement, providing media coverage and not to mention, contributing to the city’s economy.

Why is it held?

The Sundance Film Festival was created for the sole purpose of giving amateur filmmakers a premier like platform to showcase their talents.  Aspiring filmmakers, filled with hopes and ambitions of getting their name out there, start prepping and preparing for their movies a year before the festival even takes place. These independent filmmakers work hard and give their all into conveying their emotions, message and feelings through their stories and short films. Doing that, they also keep in mind that the festival is competitive and they work hard not only in giving their all while making the film but also make sure they win best short film.

Why is it so Popular?

Although it started out as just small venue event, it quickly emerged as one of the most awaited film festivals in the states. Garnering media as it rapidly progressed, this event is now attended by some of Hollywood’s celebrated stars.  And Sundance is even planning on bring its platform to the UK.

The reason for this might be because Sundance gives an opportunity to everyone, allowing people from all over to tell their story and letting it be heard by everyone. This brings out a versatile range of perspectives that is seen though film by everyone. Bringing out stories from so many people means a collective mesh of different thought process comes out from these films and gives the watcher food for thought that could probably last him until next year’s festival.

Some of the best movies from Sundance:

  1. Blood simple: Blood Simple is a classic neo noir film, released in 1984 and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Blood simple is crime/psychology based thriller centering on the metal conditions of people who are constantly swallowed up by traumatizing situations and how they try to unsuccessfully opt with them.
  2. Winter’s Bone: Winter’s Bone is 2010 Sundance film festival movie directed by Debra Granik, starring well known actress Jennifer Lawrence. The film portrays a girl desperately in search of her father, trying to find him in order to help her family overcome debts. The movie give you an idea about the very thin ties keeping families together and how external forces like poverty, crime and drugs play a huge role in tearing them apart.
  3. Whiplash: Whiplash is 2014 independent film directed by Damien Chazelle, starring Divergent star, Miles Teller and J.K Simmons. The story centers on the abusive relationship over ambitious and optimistic jazz student and his perfectionist teacher.
  4. Garden State: This 2004 film is directed by Zach Braff, starring Natalie Portmann, Peter Sarsgard and Zach Braff himself. The movie is about a somewhat popular TV actor, who comes home after his mother’s death and his father who mentally tortures him.
  5. Heathers: Heathers is 1988, black comedy directed by Michael Lehmann. The movie is a cult classic, starring Winona Ryder, Christian Doherty and Christian Slater. The movie centers around a new student who wants to desperately fit in and gets taken in by the schools popular girls all called heather but she soon starts hating them for their meanness and befriends a boy and soon get embroidered in a web of murders.

Some Pointers for Firs timers:

Film makers, actors, critics and pretty much everyone that are a movie lovers wait for the whole year for this festival. Even if you’re not into movies, this would be one of the ideal places to come, watch movies, eat great food, and see the city and party with great company. The venue gives a great chance for celebrities to show up in their most fashionable attire, encouraging everyone else to do the same. This makes for a great environment for people to generally be around and hang out. But arriving in style not only entails your clothing but also what you arrive in. Most people opt for Limo Rental Dallas to get the full ‘Hollywood treatment’. And as people come from all over the country, there are limo rental Dallas that are available from all over including from less than twelve hour drives. People usually book their tickets ahead of time because the line to get Sundance film festival tickets show no sign if ending once started. So go ahead and book your tickets and don’t forget to attend next year’s Sundance Film Festivals.

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