5 Things to Keep In Mind When Deciding Among Washington DC Charter Bus and Other Travel Options

If you are planning for a trip with a group of friends, extended family members, or coworkers to experience the sights and sounds of the great Washington DC, there are a couple of travel options you can avail, such as taking a flight, using the public bus, taking your own car, or hiring a Washington DC charter bus for a road trip.Taking a road trip with a group has its own unique challenges as well as learning opportunities.Washington DC charter bus is a popular choice when compared to other options due to the following reasons:

washington dc charter bus

The Price Factor

For traveling locally, buses are chartered by the hourbut for out-of-state trips, buses are chartered by the mile. A 22% deposit is required at the time of booking a Washington DC charter bus. Final payment is to be made a few days before the final trip so the rental company makes the necessary arrangements for the trip before embarking on the trip. Parking and toll fee are usually included in the price quote that a charter company gives to the inquirer; however, the person in charge should ask for everything in black and white just to avoid any confusions later. One thing to remember is that it is customary to tip at least 10% to the charter bus driver. Different discounts and seasonal deals are offered by different ground transportation rental companies.

Travel Convenience

Traveling by a bus is cheaper than taking a flight.  It’s also considered safer than plane, train and car ride statistically. Charter buses are also more fuel efficient than airplanes and cars and thus are environmentally friendlier. Hiring a Washington DC charter bus for a local tour or that to nearby areas may seem like a costly proposition as compared to group members using their own cars for a tour but the convenience that this arrangement offers is unsurpassable. Nonstop traveling on a long route can be exhausting for an average driver. But experienced drivers of a charter bus are trained enough to drive for hours and navigate through challenging terrains and traffic congestions. By choosing a charter bus, everyone in the group is spared from lots of commute related inconveniences, such as driving oneself, braving the traffic, following directions, finding parking, paying toll, etc. Unlike public buses, chartered buses will help you reach your destination and not close to it. Moreover, developing an itinerary for your group and sharing it with your hired charter bus company means that you can rely on them to cover a wider number of places and save time as well as money.  Likewise, if you are traveling in a group in your own car or a hired one, even if one car breaks down, it becomes time consuming and bothersome to make alternate arrangements. However, a bus charterrental company is responsible for making alternate arrangements in case its vehicle breaks down during a trip.

Safety Measures

The bus charter industry is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). This means that bus operators need to carry and provide an upto date DOT Physical Exam Card, have drivers tested against drugs and alcohol abuse, and maintain logs for hours and miles. Since driving on the long route can be pretty taxing, bus drivers are trained and are required to drive no more than 10 hours in a stretch, followed by 8 hours of rest, by the law. This means that a professional travel company ensures that the driver responsible for your ride is alert during the ride and not under stress or fatigue. This way the bus rental company takes full responsibility for the safety of its passengers. Likewise, all charter buses are well maintained by the company and inspected on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Most of them also have travel insurance which provides additional safety assurance to travelers. It is always better to inspect the bus you are to hire before your travel date.

Seasonal Availability

As busy seasons like proms, weddings, graduations draw near, charter buses get high demand. Unlike airplane tickets, the prices for bus charters don’t increase; however, buses and travel options become limited. Thus, it is wiser to book at least three weeks earlier prior to your actual travel date to avoid disappointments. Delayed bookings mean one has to compromise in terms of the ride options. When one books off season, more discounted deals are offered by bus charter companies. Taking quotes from many companies and comparing them can help one find the most suitable deal.

Travel Amenities

Most charter buses have excellent entertainment facilities, such as CD and DVD players and a powerful sound system on board. Some even have restroom facility in the charter bus.  These amenities make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable, as compared to taking a road trip in your own or a rented car.

Thus, a charter bus provides the most convenient, affordable and reliable way of traveling with a larger group.  Deciding on the most suitable travel option can ensure that everyone in the group is able to enjoy himself, including the coordinator. Finding the right Washington DC charter bus company will help you have a better on the road traveling experience ultimately.

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