You Need to Do These Things at Washington Dulles Airport

So you have been sitting for quite a while now at the famous Dulles airport because of two reasons; either you have arrived to your destination hours before your plane’s take off timing with the help of Dulles airport buses, or your flight has been cancelled for some very serious reason that we do not want to ponder over. What to do now? A wise man will tell you to forget all your worries and sleep. But a wiser person will tell you to sit up and do all the fun things you can do while you are at the wonderful place of Washington DC.

You can probably call back your Dulles airport buses service to take a ride around the nearby places if you have enough hours to kill in your hands, or you can simply look at the list of our favorite fun things to do during a delay in flight at a wondrous place like Dulles and follow our lead. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. So buckle up and hop on this fun train with us.

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Let Loose of Your Shopaholic Side

No, we are not trying to spoil you. We know quite well that you are on a tight budget and the last thing you want to do is to spend your remaining hour at an expensive hotel room that is going to charge you $12 even if you want to order six ounce of brew. But if you were in Washington for some business trip without your family, don’t you want to bring little gifts for them as a “missed you all” present?

Of course, you can spend some money on things that aren’t expensive but the problem still stands, where to go? Fret not, because the amazing Dulles airport have Reston Town Center and Dulles Town Center in its surrounding that provide passengers with retail therapy. In Reston Town Center, you have a big movie theatre, 50 great stores from where you can buy goodies, and 30 delicious restaurants. On the other hand, Dulles Town Center is gigantic that provides almost 200 fine retailers, various 23 food providers as well as sit-in restaurants. Best way to kill time, isn’t it?

Bring Out Your Inner Sportsman

If you have already spent on gifts for your friends or family and you are not in the mood to wander around in big malls, here is a tip, why don’t you take all your stress out in a healthier way? Yes, this can be possible when you have options like Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park near your airport. Here you can play baseball or golf, whatever you like. This place has been selected among the best, top 100 golf ranges in the States of America. Also, this place features power tees, miniature golf, heated driving range stalls, batting cages, beach volleyball, and what not! You will be amazed how much you are going to like this place once you visit it.

Give Yourself a Little Adventure

This one goes specially to people who are always on work and do not get free time to themselves. It is also great to take a stroll and explore some place new to get yourself away from stress and work. In this case, if you are at Dulles airport, going to the National Air and Space Museum-Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center is the best idea. Although Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum at the National Mall is the best place to visit, our mentioned choice comes at the second position after it. Both these locations provide the largest possible collections of space and aviation related artifacts that you should not miss.

Tummy Growling? Time to Eat

Okay, here comes our favorite choice. You can skip all the aforementioned picks and just land on to this one if you like, because it is worth it. After all, who does not like food? And the best way to satisfy that constant yapping of your tummy during the long hours of wait at the airport is by treating it with the best food. We would never advice you to splurge your money on unnecessary things but when it comes to food, heck, you can get a seat at the expensive restaurants and we will not mind a single thing. Minerva, Charlie Chiangs Herndon, Angeethi, Hama Sushi, Bertucci’s, The Tortilla Restaurant, and ZeffirelliRistorante are some of our favorite food stations near Dulles which provide a variety of great, yummilicious dishes from various cultures around the world.

If you are deciding to travel in our Dulles airport buses, our drivers will inform you with the surroundings so next time if you are stuck at the airport, you can easily go out and have fun until your plane is ready to take off.

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