Best Places in DC

Best Places for Sightseeing in DC


Visiting Washington, DC at any time of the year provides many wonderful sites to see.

In the summer when everything is green and lush, many of the monuments stand out with exceptional beauty. During the winter, whether there’s snow on the ground or not, Washington, DC still offers so much to do.

Whenever you’re traveling to the capital region of the country, especially with the larger group, you may want to consider a DC charter bus.

Before we get into the best places for sightseeing throughout the Greater Washington, DC Area, the Cherry Blossom Festival that takes place early in April of every year is a must see for anyone who loves incredible colors and foliage. This time of the year attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area, and for good reason.

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Hiring a quality charter bus rental in DC can put you front and center with all of these incredible sites to take in. With a knowledgeable and experienced driver behind the wheel, not only will you be safe the entire trip, but you can relax and watch the scenery pass by beyond the windows of the bus itself. You can also ask questions and get great tips and guidance on its history, incredible destinations and sites you absolutely must see, and more.

Here are some of the best places for sightseeing throughout DC. These are great whether you travel by yourself or with a group and have booked a bus charter for DC.

The National Monuments.

When it comes to the top list of must see attractions throughout Washington, DC, the National Monuments are arguably the most visited of anything else throughout the country. These monuments include the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. With one convenient stop and some strolling along the Plaza, you can visit every single one of these monuments, take pictures, read about the history, and enjoy your day.

The Three Houses of Government.

No DC coach bus trip is complete without visiting the White House, the US Capitol, and the US Supreme Court. Again, if you visit all of the National Monuments, you can also visit these three houses of government in the same stop. It will require a little bit more walking, but there’s plenty to see and enjoy when you do.

Make a stop in Georgetown.

This historic waterfront is bristling with activity. Streets are lined with restaurants of every ethnicity. With the right charter bus rental in DC. You should be able to tell the driver you’d like to visit Georgetown, even if it wasn’t on your original list of stops to make.

Don’t neglect the Smithsonian Institution Building.

There are 19 museums throughout Washington, DC. If you start at the Smithsonian, you can grab a map and. Information about all of these other museums, including the American History Museum. The Natural History Museum, and even the National Air and Space Museum.

There are so many wonderful gems to be found throughout Washington, DC. When you rely on the best bus charter in DC, if there’s something you discover at the last minute. You can still fit into your schedule. Keep in mind that only Bus Charter Rental DC accommodates short notice availability and changes. We provide complimentary bottled water upon request, has some of safest and most knowledgeable drivers in the industry, and is accessible to customers 24/7.


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