Be Smart and Book a Motor-coach Bus for the Wedding Receipt

Bus companies in Virginia: A wedding day is an important event in everyone’s life and the Washington, DC Charter Bus strives hard to make this day memorable for you and everybody who will attend the wedding. There is so much to think about for your wedding day, and among all these is the transportation issue. How will your guests arrive at the wedding reception? As the guest of honor, you would want every guest to arrive comfortably and on time for your reception. Although many people have their own transportation and you need not worry about them, there may be some people who have absolutely no means of transportation and it is your responsibility to make sure they arrive at the wedding reception with no trouble.

This is the point where you need to contact us because we are happy to offer our services for you. Washington, DC Charter Bus is among the best-rated bus companies in Virginia. We can endow you with a motor-coach bus for your guests so that they arrive comfortably at your wedding reception.

 bus companies in virginiaAdvantages of Hiring a Moro-Coach Bus for the Wedding Party

You cannot think of any better way of arriving at the wedding reception other than the motor coach bus. They have ample space for accommodating all the guests, that will include the maid of honor, the best man, the bridesmaids, your family, parents etc… We are sure as a bride or the groom, this event is really important for you, and you would love to see your complete family arriving at the wedding reception together. Save the stress and book a motor coach bus from us among all other bus companies in Virginia because we always strive for the number one.

All our buses are equipped with the latest technologies like a DVD player, a LED, some background music, a power outlet (to charge your mobile phone or an I pad) at each seat. All the seating is extremely comfortable and you can have access to some beverages as well.

All our motor coach buses are extremely comfortable and as mentioned earlier, we have ample space available. So, it does not matter if the wedding venue is distant and you are tired of sitting, just get up and stretch your legs. No matter what time you get free from the reception, the driver will drop each of the guests at their designated destination.

What do you do if the wedding venue is small and doesn’t have enough parking space? Do you fret at the last moment? No, you don’t have to fret about the parking problem. This is where our motor coach bus comes to your rescue.  The guests will be dropped at the entrance instead of each one of them circling around the parking space to find a vacant space. Our charter buses can accommodate around 55 passengers.

How Can a Luxury Motor Coach make Your Day Perfect?

With so many benefits in hand, the wedding reception is surely going to get perfect. We have a wide selection of SUVs, a stretched hummer, a black or white limo for the bride and groom.  Our driver will stay outside the wedding hall in case you want something, he can run back to the home or the store to get it for you. When the function ends, just go out and you will find the bus ready to drop each one of you home.

No matter how many wedding guests you have, we at Washington, DC Charter Bus will make your wedding day easier. We will take you to the church, the reception hall, or to and from your hotel or homes.

All our drivers have years of experience in the field, they are only hired after a systematic background check. We make sure we keep a constant check on all our bus drivers. We stay in touch with them to make sure everything goes smoothly.  The drivers hold a valid driving license and obey all the traffic rules. We make it our priority to pick and drop you safely.

Remember, to make a booking 5 to 6 months in advance if you want to book the bus of your choice. Provide us with all the essential details like the wedding date, the wedding venue, the pick and drop off time, the pickup venue, the number of passengers you have and finally if you would like us to offer them some beverages.

For more information on our services, please call 202-765-2351 or send us an email to to receive a free quote. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to help transport your wedding guests safely and soundly.

We can assure you, we are among the best bus companies in Virginia.

And Yes! Congratulation on your big day!

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