The Expense Matter: Do Bridesmaids Have To Pay For All Themselves?

Asking your bridesmaids to pay for everything from the wedding ensemble to organizing a bridal shower for you can be really mean of the bride to expect. It is always better to meet midway when the expenses are concerned as not everyone can pitch in the same. Expenses like DC Charter Bus Rental, dresses, shoes, makeup, décor and party organization all require lots of cash. What should your bridesmaids pay for and what should you and your family cover, here is a brief list.


Things Bridesmaids Should Pay For


Travel and Accommodation:

Bridesmaid is expected to pay for hotel accommodation and their traveling from out of their own pockets. The bride can always pitch in to help if she has some room in her budget for it.


Bridal Shower 

If the parents off the bride aren’t hosting one, the bridesmaids have to pay for all the food, drinks, décor and activities or share the bill with the bride’s parents.


Bridal Shower Gift

If the bridesmaid is already get an expensive wedding gift, the bridal shower gift isn’t a requisite. However, if she feels like giving one, she will have to pay for it from her own bag of course.


Bachelorette Party

The bridesmaids are expected to pay for all the activities, décor, food and drinks etc. The bride can always book them a ride home in our Charter Buses DC as a considerable gesture.


Wedding Present 

The bridesmaid has to pay for the wedding gift; however, she can always get onboard with other bridesmaids and buy the bride something nice and expensive collectively.


Things the Bride and Her Family Should Pay For


Corsages and Bouquets:

It is the bride’s and her family’s job today for the corsages and floral bouquets.


Wedding Transportation

It is also the bride’s parent’s responsibility to arrange for DC Bus Rentals for the bridesmaid. They shouldn’t have to pay for DC Bus Tours from their own pockets.


Hair and Makeup

If you want your bridesmaids to get professional hair and makeup done, you shouldn’t expect them to pay for it.

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