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Looking for an economical alternative for the transportation of a large group through a short distance in Washington DC? You have arrived at the right place! School bus rental can serve as the best option for you in this regard to meet your requirement for point to point transits in the most affordable and convenient way. A school bus charter typically covers excursions within a 100 to 150 mile radius particularly for local service travelling. Fulfilling your need for short and snappy group travels within an affordable range, is the number one school bus rental sites in the industry to do it all with superb expertise for an absolute customer satisfaction.

school bus charterGet the Safest, Most Feasible and Economical Deals with Us

Since the school bus rentals are designed to accommodate your basic need, they generally do not have much luggage capacity, air conditioning facility and do not even have restrooms. So before making a booking, you must ensure that you are planning your group transits during good weather conditions and for shorter distances. You can rent a school bus charter with DC Charter Bus anytime you need a perfect, timely and reliable transportation for a large group of travelers within a reasonable price in the busy and most populous national capital of Washington DC.

The Right Choice for a Wonderful School Field Trip

Our school bus charters are an ideal choice for providing steadfast, trustworthy and dependable transportation for all of your school field trips, sporting events and other extra-curricular activities. Our school bus rentals are an excellent source of providing relaxation and leisure to school children in the most cost-effective way. With DC Charter Bus, educators and parents can be certain that their children will reach their destination in a safe, secure and comfortable manner.

charter school busAvail a School Bus Not Only For School, But All Your Transits

Since a school bus charter is an inexpensive and efficient way to fulfill the requirement of availing a cheap and well-organized transportation service, it is not only attained for school trips but also various other transit requests such as transporting employees from their offices to meeting places and back or to and from construction sites etc. A school bus rental can also be availed for transporting guests to and from a wedding function as well as for any form of group excursion in an economical way.

Features of a School Bus Charter

A school bus rental can has seats that can accommodate up to 65 children or 44 adults. It also has a public address system (PA system) which is an electronic voice amplification and distribution structure with an amplifier, microphone and loudspeakers, so as to allow an individual to address to a huge public, for instance for announcements of schedules at noisy stations or near a sports ground or magnify other audio files, such as recorded music compositions. A school bus charter also has a radio and a facility of a heater and an air conditioner for some premium pricing.

Hence, for short outings, the option of a cheap school bus rental will be the most appropriate selection. Nevertheless if you are looking for a few more facilities, a party bus, mid size coach or even a mini bus would be a better choice for your group tours. However, groups willing to have a further up gradation, should go for a deluxe motor coach.

Omit the Brokers

While searching for the most appropriate school bus rental, you might come across various brokers who charge an extra 25% on an average to the price of your trip. Therefore, you must save your money by avoiding these intermediaries and get a free price quote directly from our 24/7 customer support.

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These days a lot of transportation companies are into fraudulent activities and do not actually comply with all the safety and security standards. You are therefore invited to personally come and visit our office to check all our certifications and insurance status on the basis of which we proudly claim to provide you the best service in the entire industry.

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With DC Charter Bus you can book a school bus rental for all your diverse travel needs. Whether you plan to go for a party, student trip, tour or simply a night out with friends, our convenient school bus charter will handle all the transportation to let you enjoy your group transits to the fullest. Available at all times of the day, for any size of group and to all localities in DC, our school buses are among the most demanded transportation services in town.

Call us right away at our 24/7 customer support to get your free price quote today. Our contact number is (202) 765-2351. You may also leave us a message at Moreover you can visit our website; for further details. You are also invited to visit our office at 700 12th Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005.

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