Retracing the Steps of Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington DC

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most inspiring personalities who have ever walked on this earth.  And even now when he is no longer here, his opinions and beliefs are words to live by. Make sure that when you are in DC, you book a DC Charter Buses and take its straight to the following places and see for yourself the places where King once stood.


Steps of Lincoln Memorial:

Martin Luther King Jr. was known for many things, most of all his relentless drive to bring positive change in the world and using his non-violent ways and strong speeches to inspire people. One of his most famous speeches includes “I Have a Dream” which he delivered on the steps of Lincoln Memorial to 250,000 civil rights supporters. This speech became one of the most recognized pieces of history. In your tour with Charter Buses Washington DC, make sure you visit there in your DC Charter Bus and stand on the very steps yourself where the beginning words of his speech are etched.


Stone of Hope:

To honor the greatness of MLK, a national memorial was built on the national mall in DC and the next stop in your Washington DC Charter Bus should be this memorial. In the memorial it’s hard to miss the Stone of Hope, a gigantic statue of the civil right activist standing stern and resolute in the face of adversity.


Mountain of Despair:

The Mountain Of Despair is also located in the MLK memorial and is huge boulder that has words from King’s speech “Out of the mountains of despair. A stone of hope” etched into it. The boulder symbolically takes the visitors from the Mountain of despair to the Stone of Hope depicting the struggles King went through to reach from one to the other.

You can also book with Charter Rental Bus in DC to visit nearby memorials as well.


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